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Fadia And Fadia Public Administration Pdf Download

Fadia and Fadia Public Administration PDF Download

Public administration is a broad and interdisciplinary field of study that encompasses the theory and practice of government management, policy-making, and service delivery. Public administration is also a popular subject for competitive examinations such as the UPSC civil services exam in India. One of the most widely used books for public administration in India is Public Administration by B.L. Fadia and Kuldeep Fadia.

This book covers the evolution, philosophy, approaches, theories, concepts, models, and issues of public administration from both national and international perspectives. It also includes topics such as comparative public administration, development administration, new public management, new public service, state versus market debate, public-private partnership, e-governance, administrative reforms, good governance, and more. The book is written in a simple and lucid language with ample examples, illustrations, tables, and diagrams. It is suitable for students, teachers, researchers, and practitioners of public administration.


Many aspirants who want to study public administration from this book may look for a PDF version of it online. However, downloading a PDF copy of this book may not be legal or ethical, as it may violate the intellectual property rights of the authors and publishers. Moreover, reading a PDF version may not provide the same quality and experience as reading a printed or e-book version. Therefore, it is advisable to buy or borrow a legitimate copy of this book from a reliable source.

If you are interested in buying or borrowing this book, here are some possible sources:

  • You can buy a printed or e-book version of this book from [Sahitya Bhawan Publications], the official publisher of this book. The price of the printed version is Rs. 699 (15% discount) and the e-book version is Rs. 489 (30% discount).

  • You can also buy this book from other online platforms such as [Amazon], [Flipkart], or [Snapdeal]. The prices may vary depending on the availability and delivery charges.

  • You can borrow this book from a library near you or from an online library service such as [Library Genesis] or [Z-Library]. However, you may need to register and follow the terms and conditions of these services.

We hope this article has helped you to find a suitable source for obtaining this book. We wish you all the best for your preparation and examination.


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