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the savegame makes a backup of your current savegame file. all of the previous data will be overwritten, your progress will be saved. if you play the game again, it will start on the latest save. do it! no more confusion! only your progress will be saved, not your data.


if you are using a trainer or a gadget, only your savegames will be saved, but not the progress of the mission or side mission. if you use an autosave, it will make a backup of your current save, including data and progress. you can find autosave data in documents/saves/ folder.

if you have gta san andreas on your windows pc, visit gta - the official site. its rockstar games site where you can download the first person shooter for free. find the gta san andreas save game 100% and download full game version, no registration or download limits.

the third option is to play through the mission in pc game, and load it from time to time. if you are on a busy mission, you can stop it by saving it as you are playing. it will still continue on the next time you play the game.

use this option for the first missions. you can open gta - san andreas guide data file on your windows pc, there are really a lot of data about the game. this file contains help pages on various gameplay aspects. after that you wont miss anything on your game!

you will get the best gaming experience when you play on the most recommended setting. its a great choice that can give you great improvement for your game, if not you can read the below guides. the more you choose, the better!

if you have never done this before it will take quite a while to run the game/mod after reinstalling you may need to redownload any mods you have already installed if you have deleted your save file and it does not work properly use magic save mod or if in single player mode use the new one (nfs/mod) to then wait a little while to make sure it runs good then go to the settings menu and switch over to offline mode then redownload that mod if it is not already it is compatible with the modded save so it will work on the game though modded your save file before its working the you have to redownload the entire modded save file with this you have to download the new modded save file then go to the game settings and set it to offline mode then download the modded save again which it will overwrite the first one on the game file then have fun


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