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Serial Key Nitro Pro 8 WORK

There is no way to identify the used serial number based on the installation ID. When Nitro Pro software is activated, the serial number detail is stored in registry path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Nitro\Pro\12

Serial Key Nitro Pro 8


In version 13 and newer build of version 12, part of the serial number is already encrypted in the About Nitro Pro interface (Help tab > About Nitro Pro).The serial number key in the registry has been removed as well to protect the license from being stolen.

When you purchase a Nitro PDF Pro license, an email will be sent along with the invoice receipt that contains a copy of the complete serial number. I searched our records using the email address you used here in Community Forums, however, I did not find a license purchase record.If you have purchased a Nitro PDF Pro license using a different email address, please provide it so we can search our records.

Unfortunately, there is no other means to locate the complete serial number in the machine and software.In the event that the owner of the license did not keep a record of the serial number, they can provide the email address they used to purchase the license and we will check our records. The owner of the license also receives an email about invoice receipt which includes the details of the serial number. Kind regards,

I have the same issue, I have diactivated my NitroPro 8 license and I am now trying to get it reactivated after my computer crashed and I had to re-install everything. I downloaded Nitro 12 as instructed above and it shows I now have a trial version, but if I put in my old serial number for 8, it says it isn't valid. Please advise what I need to do.

Looking at your purchase records, you upgraded your Nitro Pro 8 with serial number 234600-xxxxxx-016511 to version 10 with serial number 234601-xxxxxx-252855 which is why the older one was been Disabled.

My question is this:Would anyone be able to help me develop (or point me in the right direction, if this has been asked before) a report or script to get spiceworks to collect this info created by Nitro? It has to be stored somewhere, therefore I would think it could be recalled somehow other than in nitro its self. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you :)


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