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Where Can You Buy Koi Fish

Blackwater Creek Koi Farms offers the very best Koi and Goldfish for sale online in the USA. When buying Koi produced at one of our two Bio Secure Koi farms you will receive healthy American bred and raised Koi guaranteed. We sell to both wholesale buyers and to retail shoppers.

where can you buy koi fish

Due to the 11 month growing season here in Florida, Blackwater Creek Koi Farms is able to produce high quality Standard Fin Koi, Butterfly Fin Koi and Goldfish year-round. The brood stock we use can trace its lineage back to the original high quality fish we imported from Japan and our own cultivated stock.

Kodama Koi Farm imports and raises Japanese high quality koi only from Niigata, Japan. These beautiful Nishikigoi koi for sale are raised with the best quarantining procedures to provide a safe and positive experience buying live koi fish that are small or jumbo koi. Our family farm uses proven techniques from the Niigata breeders for our koi fish for sale and sells the best koi pond supplies, koi food, educational books and more to raise beautiful living jewels. Learn more about our family history

Sign up for an account on our website to view all koi for sale, koi prices, and more koi details. Read our welcome guide and FAQs to learn more about how our new website operates. You can buy koi fish online or on the phone. Please call us M-F at +1 (833) Koi Love (1-833-564-5683) with any questions. Sign up for wholesale here.

We sell individual koi fish and packs of koi. Each koi is genuinely from Japan and raised with an exceptional amount of care on our koi farm. Take a look at our rare koi and see if one of these top koi fish will be perfect for your pond. Give us a call, shop online, or request a koi.

Every koi for sale is from Niigata, Japan and goes through a rigorous quarantining process for safety. Our goal is to make koi from Kodama be your top pond fish and strive to keep all of your fish happy and thriving.

KOI TALK: Marusaka Koi Farm Recap Video and Slides In the ninth meeting of our series KOI TALK, where Mr. Taro Kodama interviewed Mr. Teruyuki Hiroi from Marusaka Koi Farm! Mr. Hiroi will explain how to look at koi so you can decide which ones to buy. You will learn...

No matter what type of koi you are searching for, we can help find jumbo koi, big grand champion koi, or just young koi / baby koi waiting for a new home. We sell all varieties of koi from Japan, from big koi to small koi to butterfly koi for sale. If you want a high quality koi fish, than we are the right place for you.

We specialize in sourcing top koi for sale from Japan in small and jumbo koi sizes and take great pride in the kois for sale on our website. Let us know what you are looking for and we can find a live koi fish for sale to meet your needs. Search our website for available kois for sale or request a koi. Happy Ponding!

Love Koi Fish? You've come to the right place! Here at Koi Fish USA, we offer the largest online selection of Koi Fish & Butterfly Koi for sale. With next day delivery right to your door, you can shop online from the comfort of your own home - and this ensures a safe delivery of our fish too. With a vast selection of Koi Fish for sale in a multitude of varieties and sizes, we have something to suit every budget!

Koi Fish USA offers the largest online selection of koi fish & butterfly koi. With next day delivery right to your door, you can shop online from the comfort of your own home! We offer a vast selection of koi fish to suit your budget.

People have been breeding koi fish for centuries, resulting in vivid colors and patterns, but only on some. One of the most sought-after color combinations is bright red-orange, the darkest black, and a shining white. People also compete over koi that are solid yellow, gray, or white.

Koi fish can cost anywhere from $10 to $20,000. It depends on their size, shape, and coloring. Koi can grow to over 3 feet long. The favored shape is torpedo-like. There are also many patterns and colorings to choose from.

Japanese koi fish can live between 40 and 60 years. For non-Japanese koi fish, the average life expectancy drops to 15 years. This huge difference mostly comes down to genetics and diet before being sold.

The right fish food will help you raise healthy and active koi fish. It can also enhance the beautiful colors of your koi fish and create bonding opportunities as you interact with them. Consider these three factors when selecting your koi fish food:

A few years ago, the world of koi was shaken by a phenomenal record sale. A perfect Kohaku koi sold for $1.8 million! It was a large, 9-year-old specimen with bright, red-orange splotches over a flawless white bodice. This female fish was so enchanting that Japanese artists decided to immortalize her in a beautiful illustration, which was displayed during the historical auction.

If you have been dreaming of acquiring your own koi, fret not, for not every koi costs a million dollars. In fact, that wrinkled old 20-dollar bill that has been sitting in your wallet might just get you a decent fish from a reputable pet store. Though not every koi is valued the same, you can be certain that each one has sprung from a rich cultural history and can bring far greater aesthetic value to your pond.

Symbolic of prosperity and longevity, koi are relatively expensive compared to other pond fish. There are many factors that affect their value. These include, but are not limited to, color, genetics, body shape, age, and sex. The more attractive and larger the fish, the more expensive the price. Breeding plays a large role in defining the value of koi. While most domesticated varieties in the US and Europe are accessibly priced, those bred by experts in Japan can easily be worth more than a car!

Centuries of koi breeding have generated fish with stunning colors and patterns. Some koi can appear to have been painted by oriental artists wielding vivid pigments and supremely soft brushes. Neon red-orange, stark black, and a glowing white base is a highly sought-after combination of colors. A solid metallic yellow, shiny grey, or pure white fish are also valued.

The most expensive koi fish, and those that become champion fish in international shows, have genetic lineages that can be traced back over several generations. Gosanke is the most valued koi breed, and it includes the following main varieties: Sanke (Taisho Sanshoku), Showa (Showa Sanshoku), and Kohaku. Many of the most advanced and traditional Japanese farms exclusively breed these highly popular varieties in the race to produce koi that are no less than perfect.

The cheaper domestic varieties that can easily be acquired through your local pet store or through non-specialized online fish shops can be more difficult to classify under a specific breed. These koi generally have mixed parentage and have been reared for private pond or tank use rather than for show. However, some domestic koi are nonetheless beautiful and can grow to be stunning individuals.

In the US, however, some breeders favor long-finned koi. They refer to these fish as butterfly koi as their lengthy fins can resemble delicate wings. These fish look dragon-like as even their barbels tend to grow quite long. Those that have attractive colors and patterns are highly valued, but might just be scoffed at by koi purists in Japan. This factor has truly caused some divisiveness, with some purists even doubting the legitimacy of the butterfly-finned varieties as true koi!

Top-quality koi are extremely expensive compared to other pond fish. In fact, they are some of the most expensive aquatic animals in the world. The mere fact that collectors are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a single fish goes to show that they are highly valuable. Another reason why koi are so expensive is their supply is very limited relative to the existing demand.

The Koi Fish Classic SD Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox is a Swiss Knife Shop Design Studio creation featuring a colorful pond of koi fish, with one large orange and white fish on one side, and a school of koi on the opposite side. There is a small SKS logo on the back, as this knife was created by our SKS Design Studio.

Elevate your water feature with this set of glazed ceramic Koi fish! Adorn a birdbath, or simply float them in your favorite bowl. These lighthearted sculptures are ready for all of it, with a unique design that gives a high-quality ceramic look yet still floats to add bobbing motion to your decor.

Great customer service! Extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about koi fish. We had a koi pond built about 5 Months ago and we searched for a reputable place to buy our koi. This place exceeded our expectations! They provided all the information and answered all our questions. We got the most beautiful Japanese koi fish with the the most vibrant colors!

Asagi Koi fish is one of the most classic and beautiful breeds of Koi fish. It is also one of the oldest breeds. As it is one of the more common blue-scaled koi, you may have seen this Koi fish around before.

Sometimes, Showa Koi fish are mistaken for Sanke Koi fish. As compared to Sanke Koi fish, Showa Koi fish usually have a black ground color and have markings that are red and white. The black ground color is usually dark and glossy. White markings on the Showa Koi fish create a dramatic contrast when it appears on its black ground color. The red patches on Showa Koi also stand out as there is a lot of contrast between the bright red and the duller black and white. The more preferred color is an orange-red, but this color is harder to cultivate. Adding Showa Koi fish to your pond can help to add a pop of color and make your pond more beautiful. 041b061a72


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