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[S1E8] The List Haunted Train

Despite his defeat above Mustafar,[4] the Pau'an's usefulness to the Sith had not run dry. Through the intervention of Vader, the Grand Inquisitor was prevented from passing on from the mortal world; instead, Vader forced the Inquisitor's spirit to serve his purposes. The Dark Lord installed his servant into a High Republic Era Jedi outpost on Tempes, hoping that anyone seeking knowledge from the place would be caught in his trap. The Inquisitor's spirit, still burning[5] from the flames his body had been destroyed in aboard the Sovereign,[4] haunted the structure for years, killing any seekers of knowledge who stepped foot into its halls. At some point, the partially trained Padawan Verla discovered the outpost, but abandoned the place after sensing the dark presence of the Inquisitor that resided within.[5]

[S1E8] The List Haunted Train



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