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Mature Porn Stories

Patty gives Bob her answer and the Office Fun begins, but slowly. They shop for new clothes more fitting for an Office Toy. Like all my stories, this is a story with sex and not a hard-core porn story.

mature porn stories

If you really like (or would like) old sexy women this is for you. I am a handyman in an apartment block housing randy old/mature ladies /couples-and they all have specific desires and special kinky interests...Fiction

This true story begins with my friend Sean being enticed to suck his cousin's dick, but the cousin didn't return the favor. Sean asked me the next day, and we became suck buddies for the next three years until I moved away. Please read about those naive and exciting years and my new life after I moved away. The titles to those stories are included in part 5. Enjoy...First

Mature sex stories take conventional romance to a whole new level. Nakedness, sexuality and sizzling sex make up this category of stories. Relish and celebrate sex through the mature erotica storylines. These online stories for adults have more graphic sexual content than romance and may involve a single couple or triads. can give you a wide range of free adult stories that will increase the heat in the room. Our stories are hot and passionate that will tempt and seduce you to read more.

I Love Older Ladies (Mature Sex Stories)I have sexual fascination for mature older women, may be due to my sexual initiation with my aunt when I was 18 or so. I have been searching on-line for...Continue reading

Welcome to Literotica, your FREE source for the hottest in erotic fiction and fantasy. Literotica features 100% original sex stories from a variety of authors. Literotica accepts quality erotic story submissions from amateur authors and holds story contests for contributors. We offer a huge selection of adult fantasies to choose from, and are always on the lookout for new and exciting ideas. We encourage you to contact us with any comments or suggestions on how we can make this free sex story site more pleasurable for you. Have fun and enjoy yourselves while visiting Literotica Erotic Fiction! All story characters involved in sexual situations on this adult erotic web site are 18 years old or over.No minors allowed.

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You have come to the right place. Enjoy exploring my category of mature sex stories, all of which will set your pulse racing. I pride myself on my true erotic content and with these stories (and all of the other hundreds of my blog) you will find premium erotica along with user-submitted submissions.

Working night shifts with my mature co-worker, the late nights and sexual tension between us became unavoidable and we ended up showing each other things that changed our worlds and minds in the bedroom.

A mature couple wanting to try something new and tick off things they have never tried before. They stumble across the idea of anal and in this submission you get to read all about what happened, how they did it and what it felt like for this older married couple.

A mother-in-law takes a loving relationship with her son-in-law a little too far and this mature woman ends up showing him things that blow his mind. All done in secret and with of them becoming more and more satisfied with their arrangement, what can they do to stop the urges?

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An online source of gay erotica since 1999, GayDemon Story Library is the ultimate destination for reading the best gay daddy stories, completely free of charge. Our extensive archive of gay sex stories with older men offers you hours of entertainment. In case you like a certain short story or novel, you are free to download it, with no restriction. The daddy fiction you can read here is uploaded by individual authors. We ask you to respect the writers' copyright and not repost their stories without their permission. We also encourage you to vote and leave comments when you like a particular daddy story so that the writer knows you enjoyed it and check our other content such as the gay porn pics. Please contact us if you have questions or suggestions about our gay erotic stories.

The daddy fiction section is user-generated, and any author can upload a story. Our gay male tube cannot be held responsible for the content of the gay porn stories with older men published here because we don't read them prior to publication. However, we insist that authors read our guidelines and abstain from posting unsuitable content.

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I am a man in his mid sixties, just finishing up my work life. Married, sexually active, but I get excited seeing another lady masturbating to orgasm.When I would leave for work I always took enough clothes to last for 2 weeks before visiting the laundry. But 2 weeks was all I had, so on the 14th day I needed to wash my clothes.This particular time I had used all my clothes and only had my pajamas and some slippers, so I had to get to the laundry that day, or wear dirty clothes, not my favorite thing to do. So with my stuff in a bag, and wearing my pajamas off I went. Upon getting there I found 2 machines empty, so I loaded one with colors, and the other with whites, put in the money and decided to come back later to put in 2 more loads and get the dryers started. Another lady I knew from work, near my age, came in, and looked at the busy washers and said she must have not timed her arrival very good, and I said yes I guess so. About that time one machine finished, and she started to take the clothes out (a common practice) when the owner came in and said he would move them to a dryer. We chatted a bit while she loaded her clothes in the machine, and I asked if she would like some coffee, as I had a pot on and could not finish it, she said yes, so we went to my room, just down the hall.We sat on the couch and chair while sipping our coffee, when I noticed she glanced at my crotch, (I was not wearing any under shorts or under shirt and could feel a bit of coolness on my cock), and asked if I was feeling a bit cool. The fly was not buttoned and open a bit, the head of my cock was peeking out, and with the breeze was getting a bit erect. I looked down and apologized, and tried to button the fly, when she said it was no problem, and not to bother, so I just left things alone. The conversation turned to how we have sex when away from our spouses for such long times. I said I usually watch some porn on the computer, and as I had some equipment to play the videos on the TV, it was pretty erotic to watch and stroke my cock. When she heard that she asked to see some of what I watched, so after a few minutes I had some porn movies playing on the TV. Then we had to go to the laundry room to change the wash and get the dryers going. We did this for the duration of our wash, when she said she would like to change and come back with a bottle of wine, and watch some more porn. I agreed and she left to change into something more comfortable, as people would walk around the hotel in pajamas or robes all the time, some to the pool some like me to the laundry.This was all very new to me, and I was a bit afraid someone would see us together as I did not want anything to get back home, so caution was the name of this game, all the while my cock was stimulated very much.She came back with a robe on and after setting some common ground rules we both agreed on had a glass of wine and some porn. Soon my cock was fully erect, poking out, with some pre cum wetness, she asked me to take it out and stroke it for her. I stood and dropped my pajama bottom to the floor, grabbed a towel and sat back down. She opened her robe exposing herself to me, and for a lady in her sixties, she was in good shape with nice breasts, sagging a bit, big areola and nice erect nipples. She was shaven! And as she spread her legs I could see a fully erect clit! She had one large clitoris, looking a bit like a small penis. She asked if I liked what I saw, I replied yes of course she told me she only wanted to watch, no touching just watching, I agreed and began to jack my cock ever so slowly. She responded by rubbing her entire body, breasts, belly and her pussy, spreading the lips giving me a peek inside while stroking her clitoris. In what seemed no time at all she squeezed her legs together with her hand inside on her pussy, and shook out one of the best orgasms I had ever seen.I had retrieved the lube I use and had oiled my cock liberally, and was increasing the rhythm while watching her shake when I could feel the orgasm coming, and it felt as to be a great one, long awaited and hopefully complete with lots of cum. I stroked 3 good quick strokes, when the first cum spurt hit my belly, followed by another to the same spot, then 2 more lesser and the rest just oozed out. I continued to stroke until all the cum was out and I rubbed it on my cock. She was staring very intently on my now withering cock, and started to rub again to another shaking orgasm like the one before.I got us some wash cloths and after we had cleaned ourselves, I made some tea. We chatted for about an hour, set some ground rules, and agreed to meet at least once a week until our job was done.We eventually met many times after, and when the job closed down we went our respective ways. I have always wondered what happened to her, but like tow ships in the night, we each had a good time, but had to go to our own destinations. Perhaps one day we will meet again? 041b061a72


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