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Flowers In The Attic: The Origin

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Flowers in the Attic: The Origin

Max Irons as Malcolm Foxworth and Jemima Rooper as Olivia Winfield Foxworth in "Flowers in the Attic: The Origin" (A+E/Lifetime)[The show] was supposed to be about the original book with the kids in the attic that everyone knows. Then when I started doing research, I realized there was this prequel book called "Garden of Shadows," which got me so excited to learn that there was an origin story for the grandmother character. And when I brought that over to the folks at Lifetime, they were equally excited. That's how we got on this path.

Cathy and Chris attempt to make the best of the situation by decorating the attic with paper flowers to create an imaginary garden for the twins. The grandmother comes every morning with a picnic basket filled with the day's food and interrogates the children about their modesty and piety, questions the children are too innocent to fully understand. Initially their mother visits multiple times per day, bringing toys and gifts, but over time, her visits grow sporadic. After months have passed, Cathy and Chris confront her, as she promised they would be freed in only a few days. Corinne finally confesses that they must remain in the room until their grandfather dies.

In her original pitch letter to her publisher, Andrews claimed that the story behind the novel was "not truly fiction," leading to long-standing rumors that the novel may have been based on true events.[7] For many years, there was no evidence to support this claim, and the book was passed off as fiction. Nonetheless, the official V. C. Andrews website claims to have contacted one of Andrews' relatives. This unidentified relative claimed Flowers in the Attic was loosely based on a faintly similar account. While at the "University of Virginia hospital for treatment...she developed a crush on her young doctor. He and his siblings had been locked away in the attic for over 6 years to preserve the family wealth."[8]

Flowers in the Attic: The Origin looks to capture the harrowing tone of the initial Flowers in the Attic novel that started it all in 1979. The controversial story touched on taboo subjects, including incest and horrid child abuse that ultimately destroys the lives of Olivia's grandchildren. The trailer so far seems to have that tone hammered down with an air of horror to Olivia's investigation of Foxworth Hall. By the end, it's likely we'll all feel at least a twinge of sympathy for someone originally painted as irredeemable.

But the part was too good to pass up. Rooper was auditioning for the lead role of Olivia Winfield, the infamous grandmother in the V.C. Andrews book series who locks her grandchildren in the attic. The new series follows her equally twisted story leading up to the horrific events of the original novel.

It tells the origin, scandalous and depraved story of the Foxworth Family. The four-part miniseries centers around a competent and independent Olivia Foxworth. Her life at Foxworth Hall turns out to be an ever-worsening nightmare.

The four-part limited series on the origin of Olivia Winfield, the grandchild-imprisoning villain in V.C. Andrews' gothic horror book Flowers in the Attic, will premiere on Saturday. Jemima Rooper will play a young Olivia in the series based on the book, Garden of Shadows, with co-stars Max Irons and Kelsey Grammer.

Those who have followed along with the original Flowers in the Attic know that Olivia eventually becomes the primary antagonist of the story as she locks her grandchildren in the attic and things evolve into increasingly horrific territory. The new series will take a look at how Olivia became the villainous and abusive woman we know her as in the movies and novels.

One of the most popular authors of all time, V.C. Andrews launched a pop culture sensation with the gothic tale Flowers in the Attic. Flowers in the Attic: The Origin peels back the curtain to reveal the twisted origin and dark secrets of the Foxworth family. Lifetime recently announced the acquisition of rights and licenses to the entire V.C. Andrews catalog, including all new releases. Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, recently released the newest V.C. Andrews novel, Becoming My Sister, out now.

In an exclusive interview with The List, the actress dished on the twists and turns of the new series, and how V.C. Andrews' original novels have been adapted into an absorbing new narrative. Jemima Rooper gave The List an inside perspective on playing the series' controversial matriarch throughout her life. The actress also gave viewers hints about what they can look forward to as the series progresses, teasing some of its suspenseful payoffs that we can expect from future episodes. 041b061a72


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