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How To Remove Universal Oil Drain Plug

If the threads are stripped on the original equipment oil pan drain plug or pan on certain vehicles, or the plug is missing, this universal oil drain plug can be a cost-effective alternative to trying to tap new threads or replacing the entire oil pan. Designed to fit pans with factory drain plugs from .500 inch to .750 inch or M12 to M18, the plug installs easily to provide a reliable seal against the pan to help prevent leaks. Please note that this plug protrudes 1.625 inch into the oil pan. Some vehicles may lack the clearance required for safe use of this part, including some Honda and Volkswagen models. Confirm the drain plug has adequate clearance from the oil pump, pickup, crankshaft and any other components before running the engine.

how to remove universal oil drain plug

Our threadless, magnetic oil drain plug for aluminum oil pans removes in seconds and re-installs easily. This revolutionary drain plug with tapered, self-tap thread fits snugly into stripped oil pans, eliminating costly pan replacement and preventing leaks, unlike other ill-fitting plugs. Universal 12MM-16MM size fits 99% of all vehicles.

Before embarking on a project, for instance replacing your car's engine oil, you need to decide which size socket wrench to use. You need a socket wrench to open the oil drain plug so the used oil can drain from the engine. First, turn on the car to warm up the engine. This thins the oil, allowing it to drain smoothly. Then turn off the engine, firmly set the parking brake and place jack stands under the car. Next, locate the drain plug under the car; it should still be warm from the heated engine. Place a 3/8-inch (0.9 centimeters) socket in the socket wrench, fit it over the drain plug's nut and turn it counterclockwise. The oil drain plug should open easily, draining the used oil from the engine. Make sure to place a bucket and some newspaper under the car's engine to catch all the draining oil.

I bought a used one-owner Volvo. Owner always had oil changed at a quick lube place where ever and some grease monkey stripped the oil drain plug hole. This was the answer. Works as advertised. Only concern is that not as much oil will drain out due to the way the bolt is made but I can suction the remaining oil out with a device I have. The hole inside the bolt is a bit higher than the bottom of the oil pan so some oil will remain in the pan but not sure how much. Beats a new oil pan though. Genius design. Charles

Locate the transfer case on the underside of your vehicle. Note that some cars may have two oil plugs on the transfer case. The top plug is the fill plug, and the bottom plug is the drain plug. If your car has two oil plugs, remove the fill plug first. Using the hex driver end, insert this into the socket and turn counterclockwise to loosen and remove the plug. With a drain pan positioned underneath, repeat the same steps for the drain plug. Let all the fluid drain from the transfer case into the pan. Wipe and inspect the drain plugs, then tighten the drain plug back on using the hex driver end. Refill the transfer case with the proper fluid. Then replace and tighten the fill plug using the wrench.

Apart from size and compatibility, when looking for an oil drain plug tool, you need to consider the following: the accessibility of the oil plugs, as well as your safety. Are the oil plugs easy or hard to reach? What about avoiding oil spills and oil scalds?

To properly unscrew and tighten an oil plug, know the size of the oil plugs present on your vehicle. Then use the correct wrench size for the oil drain plugs. Using the wrong size wrench or one that is not compatible with your vehicle can result in stripping the oil plug. This means that the hexagonal head of the drain plug becomes rounded. This prevents the hexagonal box end of the wrench from properly fitting around the drain plug. Failure to replace a stripped drain plug may result in engine damage.

Quickly and easily change motor oil with the first and only threadless, magnetic oil drain plug for steel oil pans. Installs and uninstalls in seconds. Eliminates expensive oil pan replacement. Patented leak-proof technology. Universal size fits most makes and models. Guaranteed for life.

Sometimes the tiniest of parts can create the biggest hassle. The oil drain plug is a threaded bolt made from a soft metal (like aluminum) with a sealing gasket tightened to the bottom or side of the engine oil pan. It doesn't take much torque with a slightly off-kilter bolt to destroy threads, and over the years, as auto manufacturers migrated from durable steel to lightweight stamped aluminum oil pans, the number of stripped oil drain plugs increased.

When the threads on the plug or pan get stripped, or the gasket breaks, oil will leak. This can eventually cause engine problems, allow contaminants to enter the underside of the engine oil pan and create messy garage floors. Obviously using a conventional thread chaser or Heli-Coil can mean getting aluminum shavings into the crankcase and oil pan, which you really don't want. You can get by with a compression plug that will deform a rubber gasket and seal off the drain hole, but that's a temporary fix at best. Replacing the entire oil pan is a whole different level of complexity, especially if it involves removing a frame crossmember.

Safety note: It's best to pair this task with an oil change, if you're not already, since oil will drain out as you remove the damaged oil drain plug. If you notice an oil leak from the plug, however, don't wait until your odometer indicates an oil change is needed. Lack of oil cycling through the engine can lead to a buildup of friction and heat, causing the engine to seize.

Replace the drain plug and gasket with the correct parts for your vehicle. A traditional-style plug and copper, aluminum or rubber gasket work well, or cold weld a brass engine oil drainback valve into the pan. The latter does not require a wrench to loosen and tighten after installation, reducing the risk of stripping any threads. As a bonus, the valve usually offers a nipple to attach a rubber drain hose for future oil changes.

If the oil drain plug and gasket appear fine, but the opening in the engine oil pan has damaged threads, consider creating a new opening in the pan. Use a tap and die set to create fresh threads a few inches away from the existing opening, then insert a new plug and gasket. The old opening will need to be sealed. Use a self-expanding universal rubberized oil drain plug. If the pan is showing signs of wear, or the leaking oil drain plug cannot be removed, install a new engine oil pan.

- Remove the lower engine cover.- Drain the engine oil into a container by removing the oil pan drain plug.- After the oil pan is drained, install the drain plug with a new gasket torquing to 40 Nm / 30 ft lbs.

- Remove oil filter cap drain plug from the oil filter cap and dispose of the old O-ring.- Install the Motivx Tools MX2341 drain tool into the oil filter cap by threading the hex portion of the tool into the bottom of the cap.- Direct the hose into the drain container and tighten the small hex nut on the tool to start the oil flow. The hose is intentionally long but can be cut to whatever length works best for you.- Once the oil filter cap is drained, remove the drain tool.- Install the Motivx Tools MX2320 oil filter wrench onto the oil filter cap and remove using either the 3/8" square drive or 24mm hex.- On over-tightened housings we recommend using a 6-point 24mm socket with a breaker bar - whatever length works best for you.- Remove and dispose of the used oil filter and O-ring from the cap.- Clean the inside of the oil filter cap including the threads and O-ring groove.- Lightly oil the new O-ring and install on the cap. Be sure it's installed in the O-ring groove as shown below.

- Install the new oil filter in the oil filter cap. Be sure the threads and sealing surface on the engine are clean, and hand thread the oil filter cap into the engine ensuring the O-ring seats properly.- Tighten the oil filter cap using the MX2320 oil filter wrench to 25 Nm / 18 ft lbs.- Lightly oil the new O-ring for the oil filter cap drain valve plug and install it in the groove shown below. Be sure the threads and sealing surface for the oil filter drain valve plug on the oil filter cap are clean and install the drain plug, torquing to 13 Nm / 10 ft lbs.

The OTC 5911A magnetically attaches to pre-loosened oil pan drain plugs so you can remove them without dropping and avoid getting burned with hot oil. The patented design provides universal application to hex heads. A flexible shaft can be used in virtually any location and still turn the plug as desired. An added feature of the 5911A is a removable magnetic end with 1/4" square drive. When removed, the drain plug pro becomes a flexible-shaft 1/4" bit driver. Use for sockets and bit holders to get into hard-to-reach places including under dashboards and in engine bays to remove bolts once loosened. Designed for repetitive daily use with a Lifetime warranty.

Alright new CRAZY idea just a thought what if I welded a tiny magnet to the end of the drain plug bolt and obviously use that as the drain plug and the piece of metal would just be stuck to it always. Thoughts?

Unless the pan was removed to install this thing, it had to fit through the drain hole. It was likely a tight enough fit that it had to be turned and screwed in. Reverse to remove. Grab it with needle nose pliers, pull and turn counterclockwise.

Repair oil drain plugs offer a fast and inexpensive solution to stripped oil drain pan plug threads (oil pan replacement can cost up to $1,000 or more). Using a universal or oversize design allows a temporary or permanent repair if the threads in the pan are too ruined for a standard OE size plug. AGS ACCUFIT Oil Drain Plug is a high-coverage/low-part number program that covers up to 93% of all vehicles on the road, including domestic, European, Japanese, British, and Korean models, while reducing inventory and associated costs by 80%. Reducing stocked part numbers to just 13 and the superior quality built-in features make ACCUFIT your number one choice for oil drain plugs. Easy Install - Finger-grip wing for ease of installation. All plugs have 14mm hex - just one wrench works for all! Hi-Temp Gasket - Red hi-temp gasket for max sealing protection. Easy ID - Thread size etched on each plug. Rust Protection - Black oxide coating for rust and corrosion protection. Avoid Cross-Threading - Pilot-point tip to avoid cross-threading during installation. 041b061a72


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